Support — Cipher Lodge

Direct to the Source

Cipher Lodge is a sole proprietorship, meaning you will be talking directly with me (Jessica Feigal).  There is nobody in the middle delaying,  miscommunicating and information isn't going missing internally.

Technical Audit

Cipher Lodge is dedicated to implementing and focusing on the right support for each client. Performing a technical audit to fully understand your website before any work is performed will result in more accurate estimates. Each website has it's own charms and challenges, understanding what those are beforehand leads to more efficient process. The Technical Audit is a client owned document.

Communication Your Style

Communication is the foundation of what drives Cipher Lodge. What way do you best communicate? Perfect, I'll make that work for me too. No matter if your preferred communication is email, phone, in-person, or instant messenger - I am onboard. When it comes to your business needs, I want you to know and understand (to the level you're comfortable with) everything about your website.