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Welcome to Cipher Lodge's Portfolio page.  You will notice that this page is a little light at this time.  I want this page to show case what Cipher Lodge has done vs. what Jessica Feigal has done with teams before Cipher Lodge.  

Trac Precision

Drupal 8 site using a pre-built theme (with customizations) and added additional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

This was Cipher Lodge's first Drupal 8 site build.  Recently the site has received a new look.  When it first built in 2016, a custom theme based off the "Bootstrap Drupal 8 Theme" was implemented.  It worked fine for the immediate needs of the business. Recently the decision was made to leverage a pre-built template with some slight modifications.  SEO best practices included Schema.org tags (so that google will display their information better) and submitted a sitemap to Google's Search Console.

Cipher Lodge is actively monitoring their website and gathering data for the next round of improvements.


Cipher Lodge

Squarespace site using a pre-built theme.

This Cipher Lodge's first Squarespace site.  Why was Squarespace chosen? Per the desire to make websites as easy to maintain for the "non-web developer" businesses owners out there, I wanted to take Squarespace for a test run to really understand what it was capable of.  I'm glad to report that I am very happy with how Squarespace works and I'll keep this service in my tool box for other clients.