Development — Cipher Lodge


Websites that are responsive utilize a single instance that adjusts the layout of the content (copy and media) to fit a users screen size.  This results in easier viewing and interaction for the website user.  There are usually 4 device sizes taken into consideration when a responsive website is built:

  • Large Desktop (example: desktop computer with a large monitor)
  • Small Desktop (example: laptop computer or large windows surface tablet)
  • Tablet (example: iPads and Google Tablets)
  • Mobile (example: Smart Phones)

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system is a software application that has administrative capabilities baked into the system.  This allows for consistent administrative functionalities that allow less technical users to manage their website's content, media, pages, menu and more.  This type of system also allows for quicker development, cutting costs.


An integration can be as simple as linking to a companies social media sites or embedding google maps on your website.  Integrations can also be very complex, such as leveraging an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to manage products and inventory on an e-commerce site.  There is a wide range of different integration options out there, the first place to start is to identify your goals and layout a path on how to accomplish which goals when.


Online shopping continues to be big business.  There are many different tools and ways to bring your store front online.  Deciding what you can handle for online sales and how you would like to manage the orders and fulfillment are the first steps to finding the right online solution for you.

The use of smart phones and tablets continues to increase everyday.  Users wan to engage with businesses with a single tap.  Downloadable applications can be done many different ways.  Depending on what your goals are will determine the best way for Cipher Lodge to help you move forward with your big ideas.

Mobile Apps