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Content is by far the most challenging part of any online solution (websites, mobile apps, social media, e-commerce).  Cipher Lodge can help you come up with a strategy to help you generate content on your own, manage content for you, or leverage a professional copy writer.

Content Generation


There are many different reasons for Google Analytics (or any analytics tool).  The first and foremost reason is information gathering on how users are engaging with your website.  Having this information can guide business decisions and help determined how and where marketing dollars are should be used.  Most reporting tools allow for custom dashboards giving a quick and easy view of data that is important to you and your business. Even if you don't plan on using the data right away, I always recommend to start collecting it as you can't go back in time to get the data.


Learn about when your website users are most active and what devices are displaying your site the most often.  This can help you decide where development should focus their time.  


Learn where your users came from, where they are exiting your site, and everything in between.  Setup goals to see if your users are completing steps such as checking out or finding important forms.  Are all of your navigation links being actively used or are we seeing certain pages more popular than others?  With this information you can then focus your efforts on generating more data on those topics with this information.